• Publications

    In this section you may find a list of publications describing RHRV or research papers in which the RHRV package was used. If you have published some paper in which RHRV was used and you wish to be included in this list, please, email us!


Publications and Conferences

  • Heart Rate Variability Analysis with the R package RHRV, C.A. García, A. Otero, X.A. Vila, M.J. Lado, L. Rodríguez-Liñares, J.M. Presedo, and A.J. Médez. Springer International Publishing, 2017. Springer book page

  • A Software Toolkit for Nonlinear Heart Rate Variability Analysis, C.A. García, A. Otero, J.M. Presedo, X.A. Vila and P. Félix. In Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC), 2013 (pp. 393-396). IEEE. Download

  • Heart Rate Variability analysis in R with RHRV, C.A. García, A. Otero, J.M. Presedo and X.A. Vila. The 9th International R User Conference, Albacete (Spain), July 10-12.
    You may download here the slides from our presentation at the useR! conference 2013.

  • A new algorithm for wavelet-based heart rate variability analysis, C.A. García, A. Otero, X.A. Vila and D.G. Mírquez}, Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 8 (6), pp. 542--550, 2013.
    In this page you may read the full article or watch an open access presentation.

  • An open source for tool heart rate variability heart rate variability wavelet-based spectral analysis, C.A. García, A. Otero, X.A. Vila and M.J. Lado. International Joint Conference on Biomedical Engineering Systems and Technologies, BIOSIGNALS 2012, Algarve (Portugal), 1-4 Febrero. In Proceedings of the BioSignals 2012 Conference pages 206-211, 2012.

  • An open source tool for heart rate variability spectral analysis, L. Rodríguez-Liñares,, A. Méndez, M.J. Lado, D. Olivieri, X.A. Vila, and I. Gómez-Conde . Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 103(1), pp. 39–50, 2011.

  • An R package for Heart Rate Variability analysis ,Vila, X., M. Lado, A. Mendez, D. Olivieri, and L. R. Linares. In IEEE International Symposium on Intelligent Signal Processing, pp. 217–222, 2009.

  • R-HRV: An R-based software package for Heart Rate Variability analysis of ECG recordings, L. Rodríguez-Liñares, X.A. Vila, A. J. Méndez, M. J. Lado, and D. Olivieri. In 3rd Iberian Conference in Systems and Information Technologies (CISTI 2008), Ourense, Spain, pp. 565–574, 2008.